Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute – National Research Institute

was created in 1951 as a scientific institution to conduct research in the field of breeding and seeding of agricultural arable crops, technology of growing oilseed, root and potato plants as well as implementation, dissemination, standardization and unification works.

The IHAR-PIB branch in Bonin was established for research devoted exclusively to potato and is still the only agricultural research institute in the north of the country. Research areas of the unit in Bonin:

Collection and maintenance of in-vitro plants and microbubbles of domestic and foreign potato varieties.
Development of new diagnostic tests and improvement of existing methods for detection of bacterial and viral pathogens of potatoes.
Assessment of infestation of seed potatoes with the following viruses: PVY, PVM, PVS, PVA, PVX, PLRV, TRV by DAS-ELISA.
Monitoring the dynamics of the number and species composition of aphids, the threat of soil pests and potato fungal diseases in Poland.
Testing new plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, desiccants) for the purposes of registration research.
Field and laboratory tests related to potato tuber cropping and health.
Development of methods for quick identification of potato varieties.
Research on limiting the spread of bacterial and fungal potato pathogens by developing methods for disinfecting tuber surfaces, rooms, containers and agricultural equipment.
Expert opinions and assistance in complaint proceedings regarding potato production.

The unit has the only Tetraploid Potato Gene Bank in Poland and one of the largest in Europe in the form of in vitro plants. The bank maintains 1,600 healthy potato genotypes from around the world, which are a varietal basis for breeders and other Scientific Institutes and Universities.

The branch in Bonin has been organizing the National Potato Days annually for 26 years, a specialized industry exhibition and training event targeted at farmers and agricultural sector companies related to potato production and processing.

The main goal of KDZ is to support industry modernization processes, promote varieties, facilitate contacts between market participants and integrate units of this agribusiness sector.

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