The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

under the leadership of Minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski for the second time in the history of the National Potato Days took the role of its co-organizer.

This is closely related to the active policy of Minister J.K. Ardanowski, aimed at raising the profile of Polish agriculture as well as expanding the possibilities of cooperation with foreign markets for Polish agricultural producers and the domestic agri-food industry.

Support for XXVI National Potato Days as one of the most important specialist events in Europe is also part of the government’s PLAN FOR THE VILLAGE and THE PROGRAM FOR THE POLISH POTATO.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the role of co-organizer guarantees obtaining a high rank event, substantive and media support. The support of all persons and units subordinate to the ministry who have been involved in the project is also invaluable. All elements make up the final result, which is to be the international and national promotion of Polish agriculture, including the Polish potato industry.

Poland, as the second potato producer in Europe and the ninth in the world, has something to boast about, and the support of government administration makes it possible to do it professionally while maintaining high quality and substantive standards of the organized exhibition and scientific and technical conferences.

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